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12 x 26 Rear Spinout Rim

Item #: WHS007-F
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  • 12" x 26"
  • 4 rails
Other Application Info
  • Use MIS109 stop for this rim
  • Holes for stop adjustment are drilled 90 degree perpendicular to side of rim not 90 degree to the rail (stop holes are angled)
  • To determine the width of rim, measure on the inside from bead to bead, not outside to outside.
  • Measure the old rim BEFORE ordering as other sizes could have been installed on your tractor at one time.
    • Steiner Tractor is not responsible for shipping on misordered rims.
  • Not designed for tubeless applications

Fits many Ford models. Verify specifications for your specific application.

Replaces : 228211 Allis Chalmers, 232580 Allis Chalmers, 70228211 Allis Chalmers, 70232580 Allis Chalmers, C5NN1050H Ford, 101322A White