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Oil Filter Element With Gasket

Item #: ABC094-I
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Specifications: 7-11/32" Length, 3-1/2" O.D. Final Application: Fits the following gas w/ C-113, C-152, C-248, C-264, C-281: F12, F14, F20, F30, T20, 10-20, Regular, W30, A, AV, (B, BN both up to SN: 97397), (H, HV both up to SN: 121021), (M, MV both SN: 59394 & up) Super M, Super MTA, O4, (I4, W4 both up to SN: 4957), (T6, I6, W6 All w/ SN: 4253 & up), 400, W400, 450, W450 Replacement Number: 39515D, 63858D, 355010R91, 360431R91, 376375R91 Notes: