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Dual Stage Clutch Kit

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For Heavy Duty Service

Note: Includes new 12" woven clutch, new PTO disc, new dual stage pressure plate, new clutch throw-out bearing, new PTO release bearing, new pilot bearing & clutch lineup tool.

  • 12" O.D. 
  • 1-1/6" 16 Spline Hub
  • Solid Center
  • Woven disc
Pressure Plate
  • 12"
  • 6 Lever
  • 12 Spring
  • 26 Spline PTO Disc with 1-11/16" Hub
  • For 2.844" Flywheel Step
  • Woven Clutch, Replaces AR30129, AR41096, AR42126, AR55661, RE244088
  • 12" Dual Stage Pressure Plate Assembly with PTO Disc Installed, Replaces Assembly RE153027, RE153028, includes the following; AR26840, R26660, R26835, R26836, R31093, R41342, R41343, R46425, R51392
  • Clutch Throw-out Bearing, Replaces AR41794
  • PTO Release Bearing, Replaces AR26845
  • Pilot Bearing, Replaces JD8504, JD9449
  • Clutch Alignment Tool
Other Application Info
Note, all John Deere 3010 tractors had syncro range transmission which means that you have to depress the clutch and come to a full stop before shifting gears.
  • New - not rebuilt
  • 2.844" Flywheel Step

Fits JD 500 all with collar shift transmission
3020 with syncro range transmission

Replaces - RE179191, RE262100, RE568024