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Upper Front Bolster Shaft Repair Kit

Item #: IHS3911
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9 piece kit includes:
  • Lower bolster shaft bushing: 49658DA, 49658DAR (IHS3901)
  • Upper bolster shaft bushing: 43805D, 43805DR (IHS3909)
  • Upper bolster pivot shaft seal: 42183D, 42183DA, 358766R91, 358809R91, 364469R91, 389445R91 (IHS3904)
  • Upper bolster pivot shaft OEM thrust bearing (H SN: 167994 and up): 67911DA, 1341395C1, 354676R91 (IHS3922)
  • Upper bolster felt washer (H SN: 167994 and up): 350000R1 (IHS3929)
  • Upper bolster felt washer retainer (H SN: 167994 and up): 68963D (IHS3932)
  • Steering worm bushing: 41096DBR (IHS3496)
  • Worm gear housing cover gasket: 43799DA, 43799DB (IHS3245)
  • Steering wheel worm shaft seal: 488561R91 (ABC1630)

It is advisable to also replace IHS2945 steering worm shaft bearing, even though it is not included in this kit.

Fits models - H SN: 167994 and up, Super H, 300, 350

Replaces - 368097R91